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Staff Spotlight: Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett: École Sir John Franklin High School

This week we are happy to profile Paul Bennett. Mr. Bennett for many of our kids is the first school face they see each day, as he can usually be found at the front door each morning, greeting students and parents and offering his best wishes for the coming day. After extensive experience across the North and in other YK1 schools, Paul arrived at École Sir John Franklin High School in 2015 and immediately established himself as a wise and caring presence. In his time here, Paul has helped shape a seamless rollout of the expanded Northern Studies curriculum and has been a visionary force on the school’s Indigenous Languages and Culture Committee. In addition to being a straight-talking assistant principal and Northern Studies teacher, Paul is also the proud father of two SJF Graduates: Dominique (2014) and Nicola (2018). This is our final chance to shine the spotlight on Paul as he is retiring to the south this summer. We wish him and his wife Jacqeline all the best. Congratulations!

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