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Roberta Pyke

Teachers - Elementary

Phone: (867) 920-7567


Hello. My name is Roberta Pyke. This is my fourth year at Range Lake North School and my second year teaching grade one. I have been teaching at the primary level for over 15 years now and still love the energy and excitement involved in the daily interaction with little ones. I love to learn and am always look forward to experiencing something new, and grade one students are wonderful at providing me just that.  I am originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and while I miss my family and friends very much I also love the north and the family I have made throughout my time here. I began my journey in the north in Fort Providence where I taught Kindergarten for the first three years of my teaching career. I loved the land and the people of Fort Providence and have fond memories of my experiences there.

Throughout my first year in Yellowknife I worked as a substitute teacher within many of the Yellowknife schools. While I enjoyed meeting many different people and students I had a desire to be involved in the community of a school. I chose to work as an Educational Assistant for two years while applying for teaching positions. I found this experience to be very positive and informative in my later teaching endeavors. I am very happy to be a member of the amazing and knowledgeable staff at Range Lake North School. I have the great opportunity to team teach with both Mrs. Kari Anderson and with Mr. Brendan Callas to create a complete and cooperative community of little ones at our school.

Come on by and check out what we do in Grade one!


Roberta Pyke

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