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Join us on the road to bilingualism!

Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (YK1) offers a range of French language programs at its schools, including Core French, Intensive French, Post-Intensive French, and French Immersion. These various programs provide opportunities for students to: 

  • Experience other cultures
  • Develop tolerance and respect for diversity
  • Increase feelings of self-esteem and pride
  • Participate in national and international exchanges and other multi-cultural projects
  • Broaden knowledge of Canada’s history, politics and development

Opportunities for students in Intensive French, Post-Intensive French, and French Immersion are further broadened to include:

  • Learning in French-speaking environments
  • Speaking French with peers
  • Strengthening literacy skills
  • Opening doors to a broader range of choices in advanced education and career options
  • Increasing ability to master additional languages 

French Programs

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