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Intensive French & Post-Intensive French

Intensive French

Grade 6 Option: Range Lake North School & École William McDonald Middle School

  • Designed for students who have no previous, or limited, exposure to French language
  • Up to 70% of programming provided in French for the first five months (Math instruction remains in English) 
  • Up to 23% ‘Enhanced French’ programming during the second five months when the language of instruction is English 
  • Project-based language acquisition

Post-Intensive French

Range Lake North School Grades 7-8, École William McDonald Middle School Grades 7-8 & École Sir John Franklin High School Grades 9-12

  • Open to students who successfully complete Grade 6 Intensive French, or have one to two years experience in French Immersion in early grades
  • Continue to develop French language communication skills 
  • Up to 230 hours of French programming per school year

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