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Classroom Placement Requests

The process of making up classes for each school year begins in May and is based on the best information available at that time. The staff of the school meets and goes through a process that considers a number of factors, including those that follow below. This list is not in priority order and is meant to illustrate the process used to determine placement:

  • Teaching style of the teacher and the learning style of the student
  • Child's physical and social maturity
  • Gender balance in each class
  • Number of years the child has been with the teacher.
  • Child's interactions with other students
  • Child's needs in social, emotional, and behavioural areas
  • Child’s learning strengths and areas of further development
  • Age of the child
  • Student friendships
  • Best use of educational assistants (if available)
  • Child's need for additional learning, social, emotional, or behavioural supports
  • Placement which will afford the child the greatest chance of success
  • Family requests - see below  

Families with specific educational concerns who may wish to make suggestions for their child should forward the relevant information by the last day in April (for the next school year). At the beginning of April, a form is published to our community to facilitate the process for families. All requests will be reviewed by staff during the placement meetings, and will be made available to all relevant staff. The school will not consider requests for a specific teacher. Although we will attempt to meet family requests, we cannot guarantee to satisfy any of them. Furthermore, requests that are received after the end of April may not be considered.

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