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About Us

N.J. Macpherson School is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 5 school. Our school grew out of the need for the growing population of Frame Lake South. During the first three years (1985-1988), while planning and construction of the facility took place, school was held in four portable classrooms on the site. August 30, 1988 marked the first day of classes in the almost completed building, and on September 23, 1988 we honoured Norm Macpherson and his widow in an official opening ceremony. The expanding population of the area led to the construction of a five-room addition in 1990. In 2009, we added another three classrooms in our portable to accomodate our growing numbers. In the fall of 1998, we celebrated N.J.'s 10th anniversary with the introduction of our mascot, Mac, the Scottie dog, and the gift of a school flag from our Parent Advisory Committee. Our new school song, "Hey, Hey, I Go to N.J.!" has become a hit in the city! We sing it at our assembly! Make sure you learn the words so you can join in with gusto!

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