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English Language Arts

Through developing skills in Reading, Writing, Representing, Listening, Speaking and Viewing, the English program helps students to increase their knowledge and appreciation of language and literature. It provides opportunities for students to experience language in functional, critical and creative situations with the aim of becoming proficient and confident communicators. Skills and attitudes are developed through the study of a wide variety of texts, including short stories, essays, articles, films, poems, modern and Shakespearean plays and media.

It is important to note that only the '-1' and '-2' streams satisfy the requirements for the NWT Graduation Diploma.

Grade 9

There are five English Language Arts (ELA) courses offered at the grade 9 level: High School Prep (HSP), ELA 9 French (ELA 9F), ELA 9 Enhanced (ELA 9E) and ELA 9.

Grade 10

There are three streams at the grade 10 level: ELA 10-1, ELA 10-2, and Literacy 10.

Grade 11

There are three streams at the grade 11 level: ELA 20-1, ELA 20-2, and Literacy 20.

Grade 12

There are technically three streams at the grade 12 level (ELA 30-1, ELA 30-2, Literacy 30), however Sir John regularly offers only the first two.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

This course is designed for students who are English langauge learners. These students may have difficulty understanding spoken and/or written material presented in regular classes and participating in class discussion. Emphasis is on the development of their vocabulary knowledge, along with improvement of listening, speaking, writing, reading, pronunciation, and communication skills.

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