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Grade 9 Mathematics

Grade 9 Math is the culmination of the K-9 Mathematics program of studies. It is a required course for all grade 9 students, except those following the Knowledge & Employment Program, and is delivered across 1.5 semesters (alternate days one semester and everyday the other).

*Note: All grade 9 students are required to write the Provincial Achievement Test (PAT) at the end of the academic year.


Pre-Calculus 20/30:

This course sequence is for students who plan to enter post-secondary programs such as engineering, mathematics, sciences, some business studies, or other programs requiring advanced math skills.

Foundations of Mathematics 20/30

This course sequence is for students wishing to study at the post-secondary level in diverse fields which do not require calculus, including arts, some technology programs, and some apprenticeship programs.

Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics 10/20/30

This course sequence is for students who want to enter the workforce directly upon graduation or who wish to apprentice in a trade program, specifically levels one to three.

Mathematics 31 (Calculus)

This is a highly advanced course designed for students entering post-secondary programs that recommend or stipulate calculus as an entrance requirement.

French Mathematics Programs

Grade 9 Mathematics as well as Pre-Calculus 10/20/30 are usually offered in French, depending on demand.

Students should make an appointment with their counselor to discuss entrance requirements for specific programs at specific post-secondary institutions.

Exams Weighing

Grade 9 - 25% of overall mark
Grade 10 - 30%
Grade 11 - 30%
Grade 12 - 30%

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