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Music Department

Under the direction of music teacher Susan Shantora, we have three options at Ecole Sir John Franklin High School for students who want to invest in studying music.  

We offer:

- Instrumental Music for those students who wish to improve their skills and play a band instrument in an ensemble
- Choral Music for those students who wish to improve their vocal skills within an ensemble
- General Music for those students who wish to learn more about the basics of music through learning to play the acoustic guitar.

In each semester students are engaged in performances at school assemblies, pop-up concerts and at either a Winter or Spring Concert.  Through coursework students expand their knowledge of the elements of music theory and history. Instrumental and Choral Music students are asked to prepare and perform a solo to encourage independent learning and leadership and General Music students are engaged in the songwriting and recording processes.

In addition to the regularly scheduled music classes, students are invited to perform in one of the extra- curricular ensembles; Falcon Voices or SJF Unplugged which meets at lunch hour and afterschool.

Brains of musically trained individuals have:

- Stronger neural connections
- More grey matter
- Better information processing
- Higher IQ
- Better memory and attention
- Better motor coordination

Why not study music?!

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