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Sport School

Sport School

  • The purpose of the Falcon Sport School is to effectively prepare athletes for success at the next level of competition, academics and life.
  • Through a holistic approach to training, athletes will develop athleticism and new skills in the following areas:
    • Overall strength
    • Explosive power
    • Flexibility
    • Improved body awareness/control
  • The Falcon Sport School was designed with the concepts of Long-Term Athlete Development in mind and focuses on the Train to Train and Train to Compete Stages
  • In addition to the physical training the athletes will receive, they will also have the opportunity to focus efforts in areas such as:
    • Nutrition
    • Sport Psychology
    • Basic Anatomy
    • Leadership
    • Injury Management

The following is what a typical week in the Falcon Sport School looks like:


Athletes that are the right fit for the Falcon Sport School have the following characteristics/traits:

  • Independently Driven
  • Self-Disciplined
  • Hard-working
  • Committed to the pursuit of excellence
  • Leaders within their sports    
  • Self-motivated
  • Sense of Professionalism in their work habits
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