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In addition to the Falcon Sport School of Excellence program, Sir John is proud to be offering the Volleyball Sport School Program.

This program includes all of the Sport School training with additional volleyball skill development training.

This program is run by Sir John's very own Paul Shearme with the assistance of Devin Madsen, who is a personal trainer from the Raquet Club.

Paul Shearme is the Canadian Men’s National Sitting Volleyball team assistant coach.  This is a Paralympic sport with eyes on qualifying for the 2016 Rio Paralympics. A former University level Volleyball player, Paul is the lead instructor of the Sir John’s Volleyball Academy and Director of the Potential Volleyball Club.  Paul is in-training to complete his level 3 NCCP coaching certifications in Indoor Volleyball and Beach Volleyball.  Additionally, he has more than 7 years experience as a personal trainer.  Paul has also coached Sir John’s Track & Field team (with a focus on sprinting and jumping)  and basketball teams.

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