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Staff Spotlight: Raegan



Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (YK1) is proud to celebrate Raegan in this week's Staff Spotlight. Raegan is an inspiring educator and much-loved member of the YK1 community. She has shared her wealth of knowledge and passion for learning with students and colleagues alike since 2006. Raegan exemplifies life-long learning. She completed her Master’s degree in 2013.

Raegan creates nurturing learning environments where students have opportunities to engage their curiosity and creativity while becoming responsible, respectful, and empathetic citizens. Her students know they are valued and that everyone’s voice matters. 

In her free time, Raegan loves to spend time outdoors. You might often see her skiing, boating, camping, or hiking with friends and family. Raegan is also an avid reader! She models this love of literature and has inspired many students and adults to do the same. She also enjoys traveling the country and exploring new places. 

This year Raegan will be leaving our YK1 family and saying farewell to Yellowknife. Even though she is setting off on new adventures, Raegan leaves behind a model of exemplary teaching. We will continue to feel the impact of her compassion for students, families, and our community.  Best of luck, Raegan. We will miss you.

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